Shields Plug!

This is my third post in a single day, blimey.

I wanted to bang out a quick message about a great kickstarter for oldhammer types- a project which an oldschool gaming pal here in Japan is involved in.

Mustafa Bekir (otherwise known as Spevna Studios) is an aspiring artist of all things oldhammery, and he and his collegues have put together something special.

Shields! Do you need any? You know, the old Citadel ones that were made of plastic and are now rare as hen’s teeth and go for extortionate sums online? The ones you need to ensure that authentic touch to your old minis? The ones that GW used to provide for free in the 80s with the minis you bought? Yes?

The Shieldwall Kickstarter aims to provide what are essentially those shields, plus some excellent decals from Spevna – so fill your boots. The enterprise is bery reminiscent of the old Arcane Armorials, which you can’t not love. Personally I think I’ll be in for 40 at least.

A lot like these.

This idea is filling a much needed hole in the oldhammer market in my opinion, and deserves to be supported (which it has been, breaking its KS targets comfortably so far). And speaking of holes, they’ll even put those in for you should you need them. Good eh?

Thanks for reading.

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